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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nintendo @ E3 2015: Games?

Nintendo might have the most brightest outlook of games booth out there. It's like walking into a theme park and hopefully what they do at conventions can be put into their deal with Universal. What was on display was rather only three games and a few other titles that don't have much fanfare. Oh, it's Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash...

The real fun was of course, Star Fox Zero followed by Yoshi's Wooly World and Super Mario Maker.

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero is the sequel to Star Fox for the SNES, it's taken years and years to get the game fans like myself have wanted for so long. Playing the level demo Corneria" was like playing the original games first level.  I've played that level so much I could tell it was the first level just by someone else playing it in front of me. It was changed up a bit with the new "chicken mode" that head me grazing around taking out spiders like creatures on the ground. It takes a second to learn the controls of your Arwing that now transforms into a mecha chicken that shoots lasers.

Controls, I thought were going to be hard to master, but they were easy enough, left stick on the Wii U Game pad is the direction you'll go in, the other stick controls speeding up or slowing down. Changing from look at the game pad, which gives you a more accurate view to shoot and your television screen might take some a while to get use to. Barrel rolls are as easy as pushing down on one one of your sticks. ZR fires your laser and you can hold it down for a charged attacked that can lock onto enemies.

It's not that complicated once you start playing and get into. Many players, not as good as yours truly had real trouble controlling their craft.

As for look, the game looks like a genuine updated version of the original game for now, with everything being more intricate on a closer look. The Arwing has never looked finer.

The boss battle that ended my turn could have ended two ways from how I saw others play. In my version of play through I entered the enemy boss base and destroyed the core in "chicken mode," others destroyed the boss ship from taking it out pieces by piece from outside in the Arwing, taking out it's weak points. So you can explore levels for different solutions to problems.

 Look forward to playing the full game later  and trying out the other vehicles mentioned by Nintendo that weren't playable in the demo.

Yoshi's Wooly World

Is a great platformer ready to have two-players unravel. My demo started with Amiibo support, first changing my Yoshi in game to Splatoon Girl, at least in look, and getting another Yoshi to help me out as my double that copies my moves. All in a world similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn.

This is a game you could watch someone play to relax you or you yourself to relax. Maybe not as finding where to go next and backtracking are part of this title.  For a Nintendo game it's not a linear as one would think, you'll be having to back track to find keys and exits from areas.

My dilemma was not using my yarn balls to stitch up new platforms to cross over. Instead of eggs you'll have balls of yarn to throw at enemies and clouds and flowers. Jumping and then floating we're easy enough to master as was unravel enemies with Yoshi's tongue.

What looks great with this title is local co-up. Exploring the Wooly World with a friend and trying to find every secret will take time, a fun amount of time as you see what creativity went into the game your playing.

It looks easy, so did Kirby's Epic Yarn. This game will take time to master and explore.

With amiibo support it does have a little more value with the gimmick of changing your Yoshi to one of your favorite characters.

Word is it'll be out in October here, but nothing official yet.

Super Mario Maker

Creating your own Mario levels sounds more fun than creating them. I'm more than glad Nintendo announced that you can share levels online. I wouldn't be getting the game other wise. I would say the demo didn't change that much from the previous year and as fun as it is making a game, I'd rather play it.

My main point is, I'm not a game maker and I'm not going to spend time making levels. Creative people from around the world, get to work when the game comes out.

Put a pipe here, put a koopa there. It's easy and very simple to control, but like so many others I am just going to want to download and play new levels of my favorite series, Super Mario World.

I'd love to hear about Miyamato and other Nintendo alums sending out special levels they create.

For now it's a toy that will have to have online support day one to keep me entertained and small children.

As great as Mario Paint was, it was Microsoft Office for the SNES.