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Monday, June 8, 2015

Adventure Time Time: What Does It All Mean?

There was an anonymous post on 4Chan that really explained where Adventure Time is as of the end of Season 6.

"I think Adventure Time may have become an anti-show.

It's pretty clear that in the last couple of seasons AT has gone through a big change in tone and direction. I understand that change isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in this instance I think it may be.
It's understandable if the show wants to start exploring other areas, but I believe that AT has done it in a completely ineffective way. Adventure Time has stopped being fun and lighthearted in (what seems to be) an attempt to explore issues of self, relationships, independence, and identity. However, for all it's building up to address these themes, it never follows through. Adventure Time has given up so much of it's emotional connection in pursuit of something that it never truly commits to. Characters lose relevancy, plot lines meander off into non-existence, and no more laughs are had. Nothing is learned, no one is saved. Things stop happening.

The end result is the shows current state. A cold and melancholy stage in which much is stated, but nothing is said."

I'm still a huge fan of the show and even though its season finale became a sort of homage to the "The End of Evangelion," we can hope next season will be more comical. That episodes will revolve around a boy and his dog going on crazy adventures and not existential ones.

The show has changed in the years it's come out, so much of the original crew has left to go onto their own projects or onto other shows and it's noticeable. Rebecca Sugar with Steven Universe. Andy Ristaino left as lead character designer and even before that Phil Rynda left to work on Gravity Falls. As of season five Pen stepped down as showrunner and let Adam Muto take the rails and it's created a different show.

The freedom Adventure Time has been given is truly remarkable for Cartoon Network and though at times some episodes can be considered awful it remains an utterly intriguing show. It's unknown if it cares at all for the criticism of it's fans, its only governing body seems to be broadcast standards of Cartoon Network.

Pen Ward's Daddy. You can't leave out how he left the creator of the show, Pen, and the show is entwined to being all about Pen. Pen in Finn, thought he doesn't look it. Have too many episodes been some sort of release for Pen and the father that left him; you can't deny it. Was the final episode an acceptance of moving beyond having a single parent raise you? That's a deeper memoir Pen will have to share one day,

In less news trying the analyze the show, a new book was announced on Amazon, Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook!!!, from none other the Martin Olson again, released from Abrams. There's no images yet and it has a release date of Sept 1,2015.

Dive deeper into the secrets of Adventure Time's Land of Ooo with this mysterious mash-up of The Enchiridion (the ancient hero's handbook, as featured on the series) and Marceline’s private scrapbook.