Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ninja-Con 2015 Still Growing

I heard rock music blasting out into Little Tokyo as I parked my car. A bunny girl and a red-haired cosplayer had pulled in front of me before I turned in. Making my way to the Japanese American Cultural Community Center I passed many costumed characters and  a lively crowd in downtown's Little Tokyo on Sunday. At the doors of the center and pass the crowd of those wearing false hair I entered Ninja-Con or had I already arrived? With so many more cosplayers around, did Ninja-Con already fulfill it's purpose of having a fun community event for anime and manga lovers of the area?

Lolita Dark was finishing their set in the lovely Japanese garden that's part of the center. It was like seeing a music video being filmed. A few feet away gamers were playing Smash Bros and others were just having fun with Jenga. Maids and butlers were leaving. Upstairs the swap meet had artists selling various prints poking fun at pop culture.

I passed Super Mario checking out video games and saw the voice of Lord Zed from Power Rangers, Robert Axelrod falling a sleep.

In many ways Ninja-Con is still a small one-day anime convention. I can say that it may need some more features or some big draw to it to make it stick out a litte more, something that sets it aside from other conventions. Simply, a community event that remind us to prepare for Anime Expo will suffice for now. I just hope it grows into something more in the years to come.

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