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Friday, June 26, 2015

Kotaku Doesn't Know Where LA Is

Kotaku brings up the ongoing absurd nature of Super Arcade trying to come back in Azusa, a city outside of LA, but nearby if you like a good drive. The city of Azusa's council almost unanimously threw out Super Arcade getting a permit with some arguments about being afraid of the people going to it at night.

There's a petition online already asking for the arcade to be in Azusa, but it only has 2,667 signatures as of writing this.

We believe the problem is trying to have an arcade outside of LA, instead of just in it, if it's to hard to find a location and cost then it shouldn't exist or a better business plan needs to exist for it to continue. This same arcade got 60k off of Kickstarter last year, yet can't seem to open up shop?