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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

iam8bit 10th Anniversary Art Show, should they be iam16bit by now?

iam8bit 10th Anniversary Art Show
Opening Thursday, June 18, 7-11 p.m
June 18 - July 5
2147 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026
On the last day of E3 we will see the 10th Anniversary Art Show of iam8bit. I congratulate iam8bit on the years of impressive events that have delighted the fans of LA and abroad. My hats off to the whole crew, you've made something special with terrible parking around a gallery that's near a fire station.

What's in store for  long time fans is a huge collection of art from long time artists of the gallery. 150 new pieces will be on display from 100 artists, including old time fava like Jude Buffum, Gabe Swar, Philip Tseng, Cory Schmitz and more. These pieces will all be in the theme of classic video games. 
The opening night will have the usual drinks and too loud to be good music. A big piece will be present from artist Bob Dob.

“We’ve been doing this for 10 years now, which in art world years, means iam8bit is about due for a cyborg hip replacement. We’re very excited to have earned such fanfare from the community", Jon Gibson, co-founder of iam8bit said about the 10th Anniversary Art Show.
And they're finally getting air conditioning in there, Nucleus Gallery think about the investment.

They have some sneak peak images up already.

Full list of artist after the jump

Participating Artists include:

Aled Lewis
Andrew Kolb
Andy DeGiulio
Andy Fairhurst
Anna Chambers
Ashley Wood
Austin James
Bob Dob
Charles Lushear
Chris Sanchez
Corinne Reid
Cory Schmitz
Dadu Shin
Daniel Peacock
Darick Maasen
Dee Chavez
Drew Wise
Edison Yan
Emory Allen
Evan Yarbrough
Gabe Swarr
Gerald de Jesus
Goncalo Viana
Hannah Nance Partlow
Helen Vine
Inus Pretorius
Isaac Pierro
Jack Teagle
James Gilleard
Jason Brockert
JC Richard
Jim Mahfood
John Sumner
Johnny Yanok
Jophen Stein
Jude Buffum
Justin Hillgrove
Ken Wong
Little Friends
of Printmaking
Lon Chan
Love Ablan
Luke Chueh
Male Cuéllar
Marco D'Alfonso
Marie Bergeron
Mark Borgions
Mark Harrison
Marko Manev
Matt Furie
Matt Haley
Mike Del Mundo
Mike Mitchell
Mitch Ansara
Nan Lawson
Nicole Gustaffson
Nikkolas Smith
Nimit Malavia
Orlando Arocena
Pavel Fuksa
Philip Tseng
Rafael Gil
Rich Davies
Rich Pellegrino
Rich Rayburn
Ruben Ireland
Ryan Brinkerhoff
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Sam Gilbey
Sam Spina
Steve Courtney
Steve Lambe
Susie Ghahremani
The Chung!!
These Are Things
Thomas Burden
Thomas Han
Thorsten Hasenkamm
Timothy J. Reynolds
Tony Mora
Travis Chen
We Buy Your Kids
Wes Louie
...and more!