Monday, June 29, 2015

Anime Expo 2015 Food, Where To Go

For attendees don't forget to show your badge nearby for certain deals, check the list here. It is LA Live though, so not the greatest food unless your going to high priced restaunts.

The Yard House Stinks

The Yard House is nothing more than a place to watch "the game" and get beer. The food is just plain awful. We just ate their around E3 and had a tasteless burger, steak, fries, coffee and desert. All tasteless, all considered food.

Smash Burger and Live Basil Pizza are okay

You're never going to consider them the best places you ate a burger or pizza, you're going to think, "I did eat some food outside of AX". Both are at LA Live. Lawry's Cavery isn't the worst option either, is it a great price, no.

Other choices at LA Live

The Convention Hall itself

Just a reminder, the food at AX sucks. Inside the convention hall is some of the worst cafeteria cuisine out there and I might add at high prices too.

Just stop! Please, put some thought into it, enjoying yourself at the convention means enjoying what you eat too. The surrounding food is not only bad for you, it taste like someone kept it between their buns in the hot sun for some time. Why the famous In-N-Out has not reached some deal to have a place to grab food at the convention hall still eludes us. It's 4. something miles away from the closes one.

The other problem is you're no where close to good food in all directions. If you want to get something edible you"ll have to walk past Staples Center and a few blocks.

There is no fast food place nearby, no McD's, no diners, no nothing. In this case if you think you'd rather get food at the convention to save time, we'd resort to just pack a lunch. We don't want to see you throwing up or having diarrhea later from the mess of dog drool and pig family jewels they call food. Pack a lunch, buy some lunchables, it's better than the crap there.

Same for drinks, the sodas taste less like soda more like fizz water. It's one of the reasons people hate LA Live. Pack water or whatever. Put it in the freezer and hour before you go.

There is but one Starbucks, with a line, outside of the convention center and it's busy at LA Live. Other than that you'll be paying a minimum of $16.00 for any sort of meal, and it won't be worth it.

Food Trucks

We'd say forget food trucks, we know they seems like a good idea, but factor in price and wait time and many aren't worth it. We'll have to judge every year at AX, but they're still better than anything at the convention center.

The Others

So here's two places you can walk to and are worth it

Original Pantry Cafe-site is kind of creepy with music
877 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Open 24 Hours

 Breakfast food at fair prices, might be a wait, it is very well liked and always busy in the morning.

3 blocks away

El Cholo
1037 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90015



So Mexican food may float your boat and it's about as far as the Pantry, a bit more in price, but a least you might be getting more than those restaurants at LA Live. They do have some decent eats for fair prices.

3 blocks away

Cheap Eats

Now you can walk to the corner of 8th street and flower or Figueroa and you'll have Subway, a pizza joint, an Asian food join and IHOP, but that's some walking. I don't recommend it. They're past LA Live 5-blocks away.