Wednesday, June 17, 2015

E3 2015 Quick Previews: Drawn To Death, Wattam, Butt Sniffing Pugs and Dragon Quest Heroes

Drawn To Death

I'm not happy, I know it's still an early build, but this great looking shooter, your creatures drawn by a teenager, plays slow and hard. It has the look down and to my surprise a meme gif showed up mocking me at my defeat. Aesthetics areone thing, but game-play has to work. Shooting with two different types of weapons, one that took it's time, the other a machine gun, both bored me. The game can look as good as it wants, it still needs to tweak its mechanics.

From the man who brought you Katamari Damacy comes a new game, the developers made sure to tell me it's a game this time with linear progression after what happened with Noby Noby Boy. And I like Noby Noby Boy. You and living anthropomorphic items from food to poop must join hands and explode. Getting to do so is harder than it sounds. You'll learn some items like "Pillow," can't easily be touched and join together.

As games goes you'll just find yourself having fun not always trying to advance the game. You'll want to figure out how to get a living apple, eat it, then poop, then that poop summons a toilet.

Love this game, no release date yet other than 2016.

Butt Sniffing Pugs

A game grabs your attention when it has a dog's butt as part of its controller, no really that and a huge tennis ball and two buttons. Gabe Telepak, who is part of the two-man team, though the other man is a woman and his fiance Michelles Reyes run Spacebeagles, an independent game collective and are making Butt Sniffing Pugs. "Hey, you should make a game anyone could play and just explore and have fun and really have no objective, " that's what Gabe told me, he's fiance told him to do with a game. So he did and created a Pug simulator where you have to sniff another dog's butt to change your powers. The interactive sandbox world you can explore is like a cartoon world of secrets, figure out what to do and see some truly odd behavior for canines. You can even figure out a way to take a selfie and send it to yourself.
It's very early in development, the game demo was just finished for the GDC and looking for help to make a polished version, with easier controls.
Dragon Quest Heroes

Honestly had fun with the simple mechanics of non-stop enemies after me. For long time fans, it's just good to see some of your old characters back and taking on slimes. Really nothing special or new, just good graphics and easy to master controls to take on wave after wave one enemies.
Just though we'd put in the Dark Souls III fountain the sprays up black blood during the day at E3.