Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Wizard Isn't Playing in LA

With the upcoming Nintendo Championships happening next Sunday, June 14th were kind of amazed that no theater in LA is playing The Wizard, which created the Championships. The Regal Cinemas of LA Live are busy with the LA Film Festival. The Cinefamily is showing Angst and The Muppet Movie the day before. Nuarte's got nothing and they played the Super Mario Bros movie for its anniversary. The Downtown Independent isn't even showing anything. Universal CityWalk's AMC doesn't seem to care.

Universal Studios Hollywood connection with the upcoming Nintendo Championships is that it originally took place at there in both the movie, The Wizard and real life. Here's a short reel of the real event There's a whole series of scenes where the kids in The Wizard get chased in the park and the championships end there.

We can always stream it and my best guess is that Nintendo will have Fred Savage there, but won't let him talk. Get in you dance cage Savage! Dance for the people! Dance!