Friday, June 19, 2015

Iam8bit Psychonauts 10th Anniversay Art Show

by Andrew Gallardo

Concept Art 1.
Iam8bit does it again! This time with a fantastic Psychonauts art show. As you walked in you are greeted with beautiful concept art from the cult classic game. From carefully crafted paintings with delicate details to a sloppy pizza box drawn with sharpies, they had it all. 

The fun doesn't stop just there, the creative master mind behind Psychonauts was there, none other than Double Fine's own Tim Schafer. Responsible for some of the most creative, diverse and intelligent collections of games offered, Schafer's responsible for bringing us classic games such as Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and of course Psychonauts.

Concept Art 2.

The Gallery was only half open (mostly due to the 10th Anniversary art show being set up in the back), but that doesn't mean it wasn't  great. The small collection of art showed that quality is greater than quantity. And, yes, the air conditioner felt divine. Great job Iam8bit, you hit another one out of the park.

-Art work featuring our protagonist Raz .                  -The Precious Linda giving us a smile.
-One of my favorites.

-Another favorite of mine.

-The evolution on the game cover.                - Another favorite of the night

-Pizza Box, I asked it was pepperoni. 

-My Favorite piece of the night by Nan Lawson