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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

E3 2015 So Far

Mayor Eric Garcetti said it himself, "LA is the gaming capitol of the world, " with his thoughtful speech about E3 at the start of the first day of the the largest video game expo in the world. He stood surrounded by developers, game bloggers and and press in the West Hall of the LA Convention Center. Changes around the LA Convention Center had happened so rapidly he even flubbed a line and told visitors to check out the Nokia Theatre before stopping himself and laughing as the place had it's named changed to the Microsoft Theater last week.

Who wasn't laughing were any of the attendees or his own staff. We're not casting a dark shadow on the event or anything of the sort. The speech was sad to see, like a train wreck where you knew someone who was on the train. The E3 attendees around him seemed like they could care less he was speaking or even knew who he was with the show floor to open in minutes behind him. His staff, with bitter faces, looked like they wandered into the wrong event and could easily be spotted as different than the crowd.

Still all are welcome at E3 and with so many games to cover and so many deals going on it's hard to go over it all. We've covered some of the the fun and game hype for you with following stories coming down the site today and the rest of the week.

*Really look at the picture and you'll notice the Mayor has quite the posse of unhappy friends with him.