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Monday, June 29, 2015

Anime Expo 2015 Update: Street Fighter V, Dating the undead!!, and Pony Canyon Plans

-Marukai Market in Little Tokyo is having a badge holder sale, spend $15 between July 2-5, excludes the 4th, 2-8pm to get a prize? A lottery will happen on July 4th, 1-6pm.

-Street Fighter V will be playable at Anime Expo at the Capcom Booth

- Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~
will have a panel at AX, it comes from some former Nis America dudes. It's a  hybrid visual novel dungeon crawling RPG with cute undead girls.

Dating the undead!! Ex-NIS America guys are making an RPG!! 
Friday July 3, 2015 8:45pm - 9:45pm
Live Programming 5 (LP5) (LACC - 409AB)
We wonder what the game will be like and how dirty it could be.

Here's Pony Canyon's schedule the just released:

AX Exclusive Gifts:

    Yuki Yuna is a Hero Blu-ray & DVD Combo Set

        Original (Japanese) Poster, Ema Votive Picture Tablet, and a ticket for a Tomoyo Kurosawa Autograph Session at PONY CANYON booth #201

    DENKI-GAI Blu-ray & DVD Combo Set

        Original (Japanese) Poster, Original key frame drawing, and an Autographed illustration by Asato Mizu, the author of the original manga!

AX Exclusive T-shirts:

    Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

    Sound! Euphonium



Buy an original anime CD from Japan and receive an AX exclusive chance! If you buy either an ETOTAMA or a ROLLING GIRLS CD, you will receive a ticket for an autograph session with Yumiri Hanamori at PONY CANYON booth #201!

Also, if you buy Yuki Yuna is a Hero Blu-ray & DVD Combo Set, you will receive a ticket for an autograph session with Tomoyo Kurosawa at PONY CANYON booth #201!

<Autograph Session Schedule at the PONY CANYON Booth>

Ticket required for the autograph session

Yumiri Hanamori (Voice actress from ETOTAMA & ROLLING GIRLS)

July 3rd 4:45pm-5:45pm

July 4th 2:00pm-3:00pm

July 5th 12:00pm-1:00pm

Tomoyo Kurosawa(Voice actress from Yuki Yuna is a Hero Sound! Euphonium)

July 3rd 3:45pm-4:45pm

July 5th 1:30pm-2:30pm

Visit the PONY CANYON booth #201 cosplaying as a character from one of our titles, “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”, "ETOTAMA", "DENKI-GAI", " Sound! Euphonium " or "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!", and you will receive a special giveaway present!

<Cosplay Gathering Schedule>

July 2nd 2:00pm-3:00pm

July 3rd 1:30pm-2:30pm

July 4th 1:00pm-2:00pm

July 5th 1:00pm-1:30pm

<Panels and Screenings Schedule>

July 2nd

    Yumiri Hanamori Panel

12:15pm-1:15pm @LP4/LACC411


3:45pm-5:45pm @Video3/LACC404AB

July 3rd

    PONYCAN USA Industry Panel

Shinichi Nakamura and Yoshifumi Yarimizu, Producers from Pony Canyon

11:00am-12:00pm @LP3/LACC408AB

    Tomoyo Kurosawa Panel

2:30pm-3:30pm @LP4/LACC411

July 4th

Yuki Yuna is a Hero Panel

11:30am-1:00pm @LP4/LACC411

    Sound! Euphonium /Cute High Earth Defense LOVE! Screening

2:45pm-4:45pm @Video4/LACC406AB