Thursday, June 11, 2015

E3 Coverage PlayStation and Xbox Conferences Inbound Next Week

Oh, you can listen to to other sites, but will give you full coverage of the event and questions on how fat other journalists are, yet they live. Seriously, you kind of just want to mercy kill them.

Someone else: *ahem*

Oh, right will be covering the PlayStation and Xbox Conferences so hard they won't even see us coming. Will be all like, "What's that No Man's Sky, already covered it, bam, " like that. It's going down Monday , but you're busy with your life, so don't watch the streams, the streams are for losers. You get the coverage you want right here.

What do you think Xbox is going to show this year? I'm guessing drones. They'll shoot some drones into the air. They'll probably scare some journalist to death. That's sounds pretty cool.