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Monday, December 8, 2014

TTDILA'S Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Things To Get

We've compiled an uneven guide of goodies for you this holiday season. We've been showing off some goodies leading up to this list and we'll update if we see anything else you might want to give before Hanukkah and Christmas!

-For The Gamer
(subsection Pokemon)

Master Trainer Combo by Jon Kay
$69 for three shirts
Show your love of Pokemon by wearing the Gym shirts from the first game. Other Pokemn players will spot you and bonding can commence. Other will just think you belong to a gym they've never heard of.

Elite 6 Zines

Six Sheridan Illustration students challenge you to check out there art based on the original Pokemon  games in zines to collect.

-Oak Research Kanto Varsity Jacket
Of course, it comes in red and blue. 

Pokemon Christmas Cards and Tote Bags
Prices Vary
Pika Chi Double has her annual Pokemon Christmas Card ready. I dig her bags. Get them studded with Pokemon! We may have a Pokemon Center online now, but they don't have holiday cards.
Super Mario's Housewives: Uprising
 52 pages of ridiculous parody on gaming. It's like Mad Magazine, but funny.
Take This - Legend of Zelda Limited Edition screen print
That's a nice sword print for The Legend of Zelda fan. 

-For the Card Gamer

Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination
There's a machine that can tell anyone, from just a sample of their blood, how they will die... 
Create a story about how others die, the perfect game to play during the holiday season.
Racism, a huge issue to tackle in America right now. Let's play a party game where you have to say phrases in the accent of others.
-Back to the Gamer
Jackbox Party Pack
also on Xbox One, PS4 and PS3

We'll have a much longer review later this month. Let's just say five party games and the ability to add friends with their cellphones and tablets as controllers won us over. Top-notch humor on pop-culture on trivia from You Don't Know Jack 2015. Hours of laughs from Drawful, a game where you and friends draw the answers in real time via your mobile device.
-For the Otaku Japan Fan

Nyanko Earphone Jack Accessories
Stick these adorable cats in your phone, you heard meow! 
Mega Man Energy Drink

Tastes awful, looks great in your gaming room.

(Sailor Moon)
Sailor Moon Present Bag Set Icon (Preorder)
A stylish paper bag filled with Sailor wands on the side, perfect to give the next items in.
Sailor Moon Desk Figures Set of 5
Sailor Scouts can hang out all over your room or desk, watching you all the time. Will you transform in front of them.
Luna P Ball 1/1 Beads Cushion
Pick up your Luna Ball and cuddle it while watching Sailor Moon, it's plush.
Sailor Moon Crystal Moon Stick Ball Point Pen
Sailor Moon's Wand as a pen, use your magic on your homework or taxes.

-For the Art Lover

Laughingbear's Shop
Price varies

An artist we like who tackles gaming classics and  cartoons and puts them on zipper bags, stationery sets and bookmarks.

Manly Art Shop Art
Price Varies

Art parodying Star Wars, Aliens and other favorite films.