Thursday, December 4, 2014

A New Challenger: Neon Retro Arcade Pasadena

To be opened sometime in the near future is the Neon Retro Arcade (maybe update the site and say your not open yet) in Old Town Pasadena. The Neon Retro Arcade will stick to the older titles and unlike the time period from which their titles comes from they'll be having a door policy of $15/hour or $30/all day. The arcade is coming from Mark and Mia, a husband-and-wife team that met over a game of pinball in college. They'll have pinball at this arcade too.

TTDILA will update you about it's Grand Opening, word from their social media is their looking for a December opening. Will hold onto are quarters after waiting on The One Up and EightyTwo and their supposed openings. Anyone hear from LA Game Space? Nah, just kidding, that will never open.

Neon Retro Arcade

28 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, California 
(626) 568-2924