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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Studios and Theaters Cowards, Bow To Fear of North Korea

Only two theaters in the country we heard of were going to show The Interview. They were the Alamo Drafthouse and are own LA based Cinefamily. Now neither might not be able to show the film as Sony itself will not release the movie on its Christmas Day release and has not said when or in what format it will release it. All of the other major theaters chains in LA bowed out of fear or is it liability of showing the film after a message from possibly the same group said there would be 9/11 trouble for theaters that played the film. The other studios showed no support and said nothing, Christmas weekend money means a lot to them and they don't want anything to go wrong. The US government said those claims of any sort of attack are unsubstantiated and should not be taken with anything to back them up.

LA Weekly has a wonderful piece by Amy Nicholson, Pulling The Interview Is the End of Free Speech in Hollywood. We at TTDILA couldn't agree more with her thoughts on the matter. This shows just how cowardly both the studios and major theater chains are in America. Having no backbone for free speech they have folded under threats that are own government doesn't take seriously. Instead of standing together and saying we won't let anyone take away our freedom to show whatever movies we want, no matter how mediocre they are, they gave up.

We would like to see the theater chains and studios come together and let the movie play. Letting fear, fear of the unknown control what we can or cannot do is not the American way. This may seem like a tiny thing, a tiny thing about a stupid comedy. You could just shake it off as that. It's not though, it's showing that America can be controlled by fear. When America is controlled by fear that's not an America making right choices or doing what's right. Stand up Sony!