Thursday, December 4, 2014

LA Magazine Has The Saddest Write-Up About the Sex in Grand Theft Auto V

"Once the prostitute of your choice is prompted, she climbs into the driver’s seat, slides onto your lap, and gyrates against you. You only see her neck and chest, so can watch as her clothed virtual breasts bounce up and down but everyone remains (mostly) clothed for the transaction, which lasts about a minute, and you won’t see any genitalia"

from:  The Virtual Sex in Grand Theft Auto V is Terrible

Why LA Mag wasted the time or tried to find any connection to LA (turns out $100 is low for full intercourse from LA prostitutes) are questions only it's editor knows. The article by Claire De Louraille breaks down the act of the jokingly funny extra in GTA V to such a degree that she could bore high school students while teaching sex ed.

Claire also could have written about the strip tease clubs you can visit in-game or gone over the much more horrible sexual antics of Trevor Philips whose introduced having intercourse with a whore and takes advantage of friend of a friend in Los Santos. She would have had to played the game more than the minute or two it took her to get info on her piece about sex acts.