Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Shopping: LA's Tweak and Interactive Christmas Sweaters

Tweak is a wonderful bonanza of gifts in an area that's just terrible to park in, but if you can find a spot you'll have a store with every gift you could want on your list. Last year, we took the time to talk to the store's owner, Tara Riceberg, a gal filled with enthusiasm, much like her employees. She helped us look for gifts and told how she treats customers with a bit more help than Target. She said in her latest press release, "My customers are the power that sets trends and shapes our pop culture. They make believe for a living, so no ordinary gift will do. It must reflect the creativity, wit, and style of the giver while delighting the receiver,".

When I went there was a gift for everyone I knew, if I cared deeply enough to get them thoughtful presents, as they're all selfish bastards I went to the mall and Home Depot. Those stores are no where as good for gifts friends will enjoy.

These are gifts for ladies, artists, nerds, little kids, everybody inside and outside your demographic, it's quite the chic selection of goods.

Prices aren't on any merch, you'll have to find out when you ring your purchases up. Look out for the gift-wrapping service to get every present ready without delay.

8384 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 
(323) 653-6531

Interactive Christmas sweaters

MorphDigital Dudz Christmas Sweaters might be the worst name for a sweater collection... still, you can't look away from these interactive sweaters that are animated thanks to an phone that has acces to iTunes or Google Play Store.

Eyes move, cat's meow, Santa's legs kick, stuck in a chimney. These wonderful eye-capturing sweaters will draw people to you at parties, foregoing having to talk to you. Just let them look at you in amazement.

Whose behind it?