Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dave & Buster's Busted

As patrons tried to enter Dave & Buster's Hollywood on the busy Christmas weekend (Dec, 27, 2014; 6pm-9pm) they were stopped by security at its doors. They were told they couldn't enter and that the restaurant and gaming arcade might be shutting down soon. A leak from the kitchen in back slowly engulfed the gaming floor and caused staff to try and combat the flow of water into the skeeball machines and other arcade games with mops.

The flooding got so bad an entire area of the sports bar had to be shut down,leaving less room for those wanting to eat. The service in the kitchen slowed down due to the leak, causing hungry customers to get wrong orders and wait lingering long times for their orders before finally shutting down. Those wanting something to eat would have to head next door or to another restaurant in Hollywood & Highland Center.

Mops and bags of Morton salt were used to stop the flow of water to the arcade area and into what looked like an electrical area of the restaurant. If you looked down the long service hall you would see multiple staff members push the water about trying to get rid of it. All on an understaffed night as one waitress told many didn't show up for work.

You could tell there was less staff on hand as the same  waitress had to cover a huge area of Dave and Buster's, going from tables too far apart to be convenient. Covering an area almost as wide as Dave & Buster's itself. She was almost running around the business, past all the neon signs, trying to get orders in as the kitchen flooded.

The look on the faces of those trying to enter was that of open jaws and happy seasonal looks shifted to frowns as security told them they couldn't enter. Those wanting to have some fun over the holiday weekend were denied because Dave & Buster's was too busted to let them enjoy it.