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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Robo Knight Before Christmas, Power Rangers Not Trying To Be Racist, But Racist Christmas Episode

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Robo Knight Before Christmas is an instant so-bad-it's-good classic that was just released on DVD this holiday season. A clip show becomes a vapid attempt to share Christmas with black people with a robot. Though bringing Power Rangers to an inner city area would have sufficed for whatever the writer was thinking would be "urban", the robotic member of the team, Robo Knight, mistakenly ends up in Africa. Where in Africa? We never learn. The crate that delivers Robo Knight to Africa only has "Fragile" and "Africa" written on it. I love this episode.

Getting past an African village waiting to receive Christmas toys from America and seeing Robo Knight pop out of can never get past, you'll always been in that moment. A moment that the crew working that day must have known was ridiculous. The African children are in no way frightened of a human sized robot and all speak perfect English. After making them some sort of...soup and everyone falling asleep outside, the custom of the land, Robo Knight transforms and flies away. This was an American idea episode. Not from the Japanese, who make up crazy racist ideas about other countries all the time.

The nonsense in-between Robo Knight interacting with African children adds to the odd- oh, these were written by an old white guys- when one clip has Robo Knight befriending a young black boy and learns how to groove.

It's 22 minutes of utter nonsense with racism, not from any hate, just from stupidity to think a white looking robot hanging out with black people in "Africa" is not ridiculous and so racist.