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Friday, December 12, 2014

Nintendo So Stupid, Gave Rights To Avi Arad and Sony For Super Mario Bros

The Sony hack leaked ever more disparaging news. Not only did Hollywood garbage-naut Avi Arad, who made all the bad Marvel films, pre- Cinematic Universe and gave us the awful Pac-Man CGI cartoon, was in early talks with Nintendo for Sony, Sony, to get the rights for Super Mario. They have it for an animated film with their ideas over at Sony, ehhh.

I'm just simply beyond pissed. Nintendo couldn't be more dumb in this situation. Nintendo is like a naive Japanese investor that doesn't understand Hollywood, it hasn't changed at all since the live action film, still considered one of the worst films of all time.

It wouldn't break a deal with Wreck-It Ralph, but they'll sell the rights to Sony?

You continue to be insanely dumb when it comes to any other media than video games, Nintendo. You take the absolute worst, the worst people to do your movie, not counting DreamWorks, but Avi Arad, ugghh. Nintendo your so naive in entertainment, why for God's sake don't you just make a deal with Warner Bros Japan, which does a great job with handling films. You sicken me Nintendo.

For a fan of film and Mario Bros you gave me the worst news for Christmas ever.