Friday, December 5, 2014

Amplitude Pre-Alpha Build, Harmonix is So Slow

After firing thirty-seven of their work force and getting money from Kickstarter you can see the very slow start of Amplitude from Harmonix, how's Chroma coming along guys? It looks like the game won't be coming out in 2015 at this point. After this and LA Game Space I've really lost faith in Kickstarter.

We can't wait to play the new Amplitude and with four player mulitplayer who doesn't want to kick but while creating great music? We can wait for the day one DLC.

I kind of want to make a F*ck Amplitude's Day One DLC Kickstarter. A kickstarter asking for money to be spent on a campaign to tell Sony and Harmonix not to have day one DLC. Getting paid ads on game sites, having a website with links to tell off Sony and Harmonix, stuff like that.