Thursday, December 18, 2014

No, You Can't Go on the Sony Pictures Lot Tour Right Now

If you wanted to go to Sony's studios in Culver City you can't right now. The attack has made Sony so afraid they won't let anyone in to the take the tour. They blame computer error as the reason why the can't let anyone visit. Supposedly the tours will be back on Jan 5.

Deadline is the source of this info. The same article going over this takes a strange turn as the writer doesn't visit the Sony lot, that doesn't have tours happening now, but visits the offices in Sony Pictures Plaza and complains about the lax security.

"The tour’s website tells visitors they can park for free in the Plaza’s underground parking lot, so this morning I decided to check it out. I drove into the visitor’s entrance; the gate was up and the guard waved me through without even asking my name. I parked and took the elevator up to the ground floor. A sign said that all visitors must check in at the security desk, but I just walked into the lobby without anyone asking me what I was doing there."