Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Ho-Down: Yule Log 2.014 and WWE Christmas Bounty

Many of us in LA don't have fireplaces, those of us that do have been cautioned not to used them due to the 94' quake and structural integrity. Others are just lazy and haven't had them cleaned in years. Don' fret, don't shout, try these digital yule logs.

The site Yule Log 2.014 has looped digital yule logs you can play on any monitor or TV connected to a computer and internet. All are free and all of them a work of art.

In the what were they thinking department, WWE Christmas Bounty could be thrown into the fire instead of anyone having to watch such a terrible Christmas tale.

Synopsis: A former bounty hunter tries to keep her past a secret when her boyfriend visits for Christmas
One review of the film on Rebox, "Not only can't WWE personalities wrestle, they can't act either. What a waste!"