Monday, December 8, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Ornaments, Gift Ideas, Toys from Japan

Happy Holidays! Let's go throught what AT has been up too.
Finn and Jake Balloon from Macy's Day Parade

Toy'R'Us display in Time Square

Here's our review of Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, try harder next time guys.

Here's some nice AT gitst to give and get for the holidays.

-Adventure Time Crafts
-Adventure Time - Finn the Human, it comes with a little Finn backpack, not a real backpack a tine drawstring one.

AT is nominated for Annie Awards (Animation Awards) in:
-Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production For a Children’s Audience
Adventure Time
Cartoon Network

-Outstanding Achievement for Directing in an Animated Television / Broadcast Production
Adventure Time
Cartoon Network
Yuasa Masaaki, Eunyoung Choi

-You can win a Sharpie Portrait of yourself from Pen Ward for charity, here in auction style. As I write this it's going for $757.00.
-The Adventure Time Jake ornaments you can pick up at Target aren't made with Christmas cheer, but hate and poor craftsmanship. Jake is made so cheaply they don't even color his nose black and his legs easily snap off.

-Go for etsy or fan made ornaments for your Christmas tree.

-These look like ornaments from AT , but they aren't.

-GamerGate, one of the ants from "The Dentist" refers to a type of ant. Adam Muto, head of the show, explained in a tweet

 "Tonight's AT featured a character named Leftenant Gamergate in reference to these . It was written about 6 months ago." via

-There Is an Academic Journal for Adventure Time Research

 -Takara Tomy made some Adventure Time figures in Japan, perfect for cell phones charms and keychains

 -A fan made a Prismo pickle jar on Reddit