Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Babadook Pop-Up Book

We've written about it and hopefully you've seen it, The Babadook. The scary film of a creature trying to take away a child from her mother has been in independent cinemas around LA since October. You can still catch this horror film from Australia in theaters or on online.

An integral part of the story, The Babadook Pop-Up Book, is being made for real. Now you can scare young children about a monster coming to kill them. The book will cost you $80, $60 + $20 for shipping anywhere in the world.

As of right now the books are being made for order. This being the case the books will take five months to be made once the order period is up. So nothing until June.

The book will have some added pages from writer/director Jennifer Kent and its illustrator Alex Juhasz. All books sold during the book's ordering period will be signed by writer/director Jennifer Kent.

What I don't see on their order page is if the books will be continued to be published after their initial ordering period. Who wants a book someone else can order on Amazon for cheaper a few months after it comes out to early buyers?

The book ends taking orders in January.

Update: Christmas e-card