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Monday, December 22, 2014

Smashing in the New Year, Q2's Super Smash Bros Tribute Holiday Show

Samus was there. So was Kirby, Fox, Mario, Mega Man, Sonic and Luigi. They were on the walls in pieces paying tribute to the Smash Bros. series and projected in a one night only holiday tournament. Super Smashing Holiday!!! had it's opening night with a fight in Little Tokyo at the Q2 Mini Gallery. Q Pop's family of artists showed Nintendo's mascots clobbering each other all over the place. This was Q Pop's holiday party too, with snacks in back and a bowl of egg nog -made by co-owner Christopher Mitchel- that was finished well before closing hours. A Christmas tree with ornaments hung with care with Mega Man, Ultraman and Link decorating the tree. Kirby, Yoshi and Koopa Jr. plushes were at the bottom with smaller prints of fights about to erupt and awkward moments between beloved Nintendo mascots being sold nearby. Smash Bros theme music echoed out as the first patrons came in and waited to play in the tournament while laughing about Pikachu being stabbed.

Super Smashing Holiday
Q2 mini Gallery
312 Little Tokyo Mall ste# 121, Los Angeles, California
(213) 519-0154

This gallery was like looking through the unlockable trophies you can buy in the game, if you collect enough coin. There were strange pieces like Jane Schneider's "Super Smash Addiction" that transformed all the fighters in the game into pills, not Dr. Mario's Smash move. Seeing Charmander and Wario as medicine might make any child won't to take their medicine. John Sanford"s
"Mario vs Donkeykong" goes right in to the action with Mario giving an uppercut to Donkey Kong he won't soon forget. One of the more colorful pieces comes from Eastwood Wong, called "Rollin", it looks like it's part of a sticker album of Pokemon from the 90's. An ultra rare sticker of Jigglepuff using her rolling attack never looked more pretty.

The competition was pretty ruff. TTDILA entered the fray only to lose as Mr. Game and Watch and see Mario-in his ultra American outfit- knock out another Mr. G&W to win the final match. The winner only left the name Snakz, spelled wrong. His only competition, Phillip C. , whose parents called him and told him he had to leave before his final match. A match that could only last five minutes, because that's all the time his parents gave him extra. In the end, past the screams of Pac-Man and Sonic flying off screen. Round after round of four player fights the battles ended with "Snakz" smashing poor Phillip into the stratosphere.

 Super Smashing Holiday ended later with the TTDILA crew getting in a few more fights before ending it all with an eight player smash and calling it a night.

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