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Monday, May 7, 2012

Arcades in LA: Sassony Arcade

724 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014

 Classy, could be one word to describe Sassony Arcade, if we were on a reverse world where pants are worn on the head and we say good-bye when we enter a home. Sassony Arcade is a very old arcade with no free parking around it and as my associate said a smell. Thoguh it may seem a dirty it was being cleaned while I was there playing Metal Slug. It has a bunch of random arcade machine and games, some that are encased in other machines leading to some akward visuals. So if you think your having a seizure you not.
 This is an old-school arcade with loud machines and some broken down ones just there for show. There was no pinball machine I noticed while inside, but there were plenty of pool tables in the back.
 The strangest machine is right up front "Final Furlong" from Namco. Never saw it before, but it's a jockey game with horse controller. Awkward visuals inbound if your caught riding it. It's not been translated so the rules and promps are in Japanese. Still fun, even if you can't battle the person next to you. Don't know if you can, couldn't get it too when I tried.

 If you missed out or wanted to try some old machines they do have them working, there will be something you will want to play and there is a wide selection. Just wash your hands after going to this arcade. It's still fun, if you waling around downtown might as well blow some quarters. Most machine were just 25 cents.

 So much of this place is just mashed together systems. Many old cabinets are devoted to a soccer game. There are some rare titles to try like Sega Airplane Simulator and a bizarre gaudy trucking driving with strange cut scenes in manga style.