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Monday, November 3, 2014

Pacific Media Expo 2014 Nov 7-9

Pacific Media Expo continues to be a fan-oriented Asian culture event. This isn't a major outing like Comikaze Expo with some big names and big reunions. And it's nowhere near Wonder-Con or Comic-Con. It's like a big clubhouse meeting with fans of anime. Perfect for the cosplayer showing off their new stuff or meeting like-minded fans of anime and Japanese culture. TTDILA hasn't headed over in a few years as management of events is a little drawn out; there wasn't always something to do.

PMX 2014 will be held on November 7-9, at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport

Below is PMX's list of activities.

This year's guests include:
 * heidi. (Music Guest of Honor)
   - Ending theme: Kaichou wa Maido Sama (My Student Club President is a Maid)
 * Hiromi Matsushita (Animation Director Guest of Honor)
   - Vampire Hunter D, SD Gundam
 * Kazuko Tadano (Character Designer Guest of Honor)
   - Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach
 * Yumi Fujiwara (Fashion Designer Guest of Honor)
   - Innocent World
 * Hatsune Miku (Virtual Singer)
 * Lolita Dark (Band)

PMX 2014 continues to lead in Asian Fashion! This year's brands include:
 * Japan: Innocent World / Baby, The Stars Shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates
 * South Korea: Lief / White Forest / Haenuli / Marchen die Prinzessin

 Anime and Video Programming
 * Anime Dodgeball
 * Anime Music Video Contest 2014
 * Anime Video Rooms
 * Asian Cinema
 * Korean Drama Video
 * The Ultimate Naruto Fan Panel

Asian Culture
 * Ball Jointed Doll Painting Demonstration, and Swap Meet
 * Kigurumi Pajama Party
 * Martial Arts Workshops
 * Senryu Taiko Drums Performance and Workshop
 * Way of the Stick and Blade: Tournament of Filipino Martial Arts

 * Cosplay Gatherings
 * Cosplay Lounge
 * Cosplay Photography Guide for the venue
 * Iron Cosplay
 * Hall Cosplay
 * Photoshoot Room
 * PMX Masquerade, PMX's official Cosplay Competition

 * Fashion Boutique (Brand shops)
 * Fashion Night Market (a swap meet style event)
 * Fashion Show
 * Royal Athanaeum Celebration, a Tea Party event

 * Food Trucks
 * Pocky Tasting Room (courtesy of Glico)

 * Console Gaming Room
 * United States Pump Festival (USPF) 2014 (open to the public)

 * Concerts featuring heidi. and Lolita Dark
 * Dance
 * Social Dance at Cons Workshop
 * The Legendary PMX Karaoke Room featuring the DATABASE OF MYSTERY
 * Fan Made Vocaloid Concert (feat. Hatsune Miku, Gumi, and Yuzuki Yukari)

 * Artists Market
 * Exhibit Hall
 * Swap Meet (flea market style)

.. and dozens of Panels and Workshops!