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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Over the Garden Wall Starts Nov 3

Over the Garden Wall is a wonderfully animated film turned into a mini-series. The writing, dialogue and overall story are annoying to sit through. Pat McHale, one of the top forces on Adventure Time when it started, brought the series to life and tried to show it off at a few film festivals as Tome of the Unknown, it may have needed to stay in the festival circuit. After watching two episodes with top tier voice work from Elijah Wood and Christopher Lloyd, with other memorable voices, it's hard to like any of the characters.

The story is of two young boys, an older brother Wirt and younger sibling Greg, lost in the woods befuddled with strange creatures and characters. They are unlikable and annoying like many of the characters they encounter. The stories seems overly darker than usual with the horrible thoughts of Wirt and the playful annoyance of Greg prodding at you as though saying, "There a strange pair, aren't they' and you answer, "No."

It's an attempt at Adventure Time that fails, though it's not an attempt at that show it is very similar do to the nature of those involved.

The animation will remind you of drawings found in fairly tales and old wood cuttings depciting stories.

The start of the first episode showed off a strange cast of characters as though showing what people did before the story happened. It's unsettling, making me believe it to all be a dream or in a worse fashion that all the cast is dead and in some sort of limbo.

Over the Garden Wall Starts Nov 3 on Cartoon Network and will air for five consecutive nights.