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Friday, November 7, 2014

Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary World Martial Arts Tournament Power Up and Cosplay Contest

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! TTDILA will be holding a World Martial Arts Tournament Power Up and Dragon Ball Cosplay Contest the opening night of the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Art Show, Nov 15, 8pm at Q2 319 E 2nd Street Suite 121 Los Angeles, CA 90012. Bandai Namco, publishing the next DBZ game, Dragonball XenoVerse, coming out this February 13, 2015, has generously sponsored many video game prizes for the contests.
Update: There will be sign up sheets to enter both contests.

The World Martial Arts Tournament Cosplay Contest and Power Up Contest rules are as follows.

Contestants for the Cosplay Contest will have to be wearing Dragon Ball cosplay. Contestants will be judged on by the crowd in eliminations rounds for best cosplay. Be prepared to show off your cosplay to an audience. Groups may enter, but may be awarded one prize.

Contestants for the Power Up Contest don't need to be in cosplay. As a contestant you'll have to win over the crowd by the loudest, most powerful powering up acting you can do. Shout anything you like, as long as it isn't profanity. Copy any Dragon Ball attack, if you like, and shout it to the heavens. The Grand Kai should be able to hear what you've got going on. The top two Power Players will have to yell as hard as they can for the Goku statue provided by Bandai Namco in a one on one match.

Exact time of the contests is still being determined. They will both take place the opening night of the event between 7pm and 10pm.

Happening at 8pm, look for sign up sheets, you may only enter through signing up.

The first person in line for the Dragon Ball art show will receive a free game too.