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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Really Happened New Year's Day

The LA Times has two behind the scenes articles that you may have missed from New Year's Day around LA. The Rose Bowl had a PETA trying to get a mini-blimp in the air.

"Later Wednesday morning, several deputies confronted other PETA protesters carrying a small blimp emblazoned with the words “SeaWorld Tortures Orcas.”
One of the deputies grabbed the craft, bending the propeller and cutting his finger as the blades whirred to life. After threatening to arrest the trio, deputies allowed the protesters to leave with the blimp, which had been damaged and could not fly. The deputy was treated at the scene."

PETA protesters suspected of trying to block SeaWorld float arrested

At the first Grand Park New Year's Eve Party the crowd swelled well beyond organizer's numbers.

 "...when a crowd of about 500 people at 1st Street and Broadway began chanting, demanding to be let in.
Security guards in yellow jackets were trying to hold back the line, he said, informing people that the park was at capacity and had been closed by a fire marshal. But the crowd grew more agitated and rushed the gate, he said.
"There were maybe four security people and they just broke right past them,"

Grand Park New Year's Eve bash called a success