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Thursday, January 23, 2014

3D Printer World Expo Jan 31-Feb 1

If you have ever wanted a girlfriend but were too lazy to take a shot, why not have one 3D printed? Yeah, if may be a bit rough getting close with a hunk of hollow ABS plastic, but things are changing. Soon they will be able to print with latex and shortly after that, they'll be printing in human tissue. In the mean time you might as well get some experience.

Seriously though, if you have ever shopped online for a 3D printer, you know what it's like to want to be there in the flesh. Lets face it, most sites that offer 3D printers are not the most forthcoming. They give you beautiful shots of the machine, a few facts about layer thickness, build size and speed, but so few close-up pics of finished parts. When we do get them, we wonder how much post work was done. And on top of that we are talking about objects here. Objects need to be held and touched to be evaluated.

Enter "3D Printer World Expo", a 3D printer convention that claims to be "The largest-ever exhibition of 3D printers under one roof". It takes place Jan 31st - Feb 1st at The Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center, California. The expo promises over 20 different 3D printers on display, over 40 exhibitors, pavilions and demos, a selection of seminars, contests and drawings including a free 3D printer given away every hour.

If you are interested in 3D printing, this is a must. Where else can fans of 3D printing get hands on experience with a variety of printers at a single place and time? That reason alone should be enough to motivate even the laziest enthusiast. Not only will we be able to hold actual parts and feel their ridges, a number of machines will be demonstrated live, giving attendees a chance to see what creating a 3D print entails.

What is the difference between extruded ABS and laser cured resin when it is held in your hand? What does a part look like fresh off the build plate? What post processes are necessary for each machine? How many part will it take to assemble your life-size girlfriend? How long will it be till you can have her printed in living human tissues. All these answers and more await you at 3D Printer World Expo.