Wednesday, January 15, 2014

JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time, Where's Batman?

Holy scheduling conflicts, Batman!

Where's Batman?

Oh, WB Animation how I love tearing into you. You make it so easy. Let's just start with Beware the Batman. Beware the Batman was suppose to come back from hiatus this January on Cartoon Network after leaving the air  mysteriously and for no reason in October. As of current, it appears nowhere on Cartoon Network's January schedule. The show remains in production, but why already finished episodes won't air has never been expained by a Cartoon Network representative.


You'll be able to see Batman in The Lego Movie, which for all purposes is a better representation of Batman in all of Warner Bros media lately. 

JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time and some other movie

I could be wrong with JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time! Wait, what? You see Warner Bros. Home Entertainment didn't announce this release, on purely speculative means, because it might be terrible. It's on stealth release or in better terms "someone screwed-up release". The other problem is they have a release of Justice League: War happening a few days later. This is a no-no for the home release market. Simply, the thought is people won't buy two new things right away. I don't get it either. There's another rumor that only animation based on new 52 universe can be released, possibly this film was so far in production they decided to finish it. JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time! comes out Jan 30, only at Target? Justice League: War comes out in wide release Feb 4th.

JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time! has the classic Justice League against an incarnation of the Legion of Doom and it's geared towards all ages. I'd much rather want to watch it then the mess that is Justice League:War. Based on the ever annoying and hard to follow new 52 origin of the Justice League. Be prepared for a jerk Superman and the JLA fighting each other before coming together for a threat known as Darkseid. I couldn't stand reading the comics, I doubt I'll be able to stand the movie.

There's a supposed to be a West Coast Premiere of Justice League:War at the Paley Center, but it looks like it's been moved to the NY location. Even if it did play at Paley Center I wonder if they'd get the right aspect ration on their screen. Hire an engineer or make sure the formats are correct Paley.