Thursday, January 30, 2014

If You Love Nintendo

Nintendo Force is having a sale, by which I mean it won't be produced unless it fulfills its Kickstarter goal. Nintendo Force, the spiritual successor of Nintendo Magazine has launched a Kickstarter for it's second print run. Act no and get both digital and print copies for five bucks cheaper.

Today there are many websites for Nintendo fans, but Nintendo Force brings to the table the look and feel of a real magazine. Lovely layouts of Luigi and upcoming make it a commodity for real fans to look upon.

Join the Kickstarter here

The History of Mario: 1981-1991 Rise of an Icon from Myth to Reality is coming from Pix'n Love all the way from Europe. Pix'n Love captures the history of your favorite video game characters. Though The History of Sonic was published by UDON over here, it came from Pix'n Love, did you know? They know their game heroes. This time their tackling Mario my main amigo. Find out his early history, how he came about, how he transformed over time to be your favorite plumber. I mean no one loves Luigi.

Get it here

Maybe I wrote too soon. Game Icons: Luigi by Game Paused captures Luigi by 32 different artists. See Luigi change shape before your eyes. The year of Luigi might be over and this book is a reminder of what kind of year it was.

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