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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Deadpool Deserved Better

I'm not writing about the movie that seems to have no hope seeing the light of day. Super Punch just brought up how bad it was working at High Moon Studios, which is dead now,  making the game. Looks like cost cutting and no paid overtime from Activision hurt Deadpool on consoles.

Just two days ago Activision's Marvel titles were de-listed on Steam, Xbox Line and PSN including Deadpool, no reason given.

Funny enough, I just rented and beat the game last week. It captured the spirit of the Deadpool comic dead-on. It even used Mr. Sinister and brought the nostalgia of having a good (technically) X-Men game. It's short, and you can tell it lost funding with repetitive use of bad guys. Still their are moments, like riding a rocket-powered Sentinel shoe and shooting bad guys, that make the game shine. Slapping Wolverine and shooting yourself in the head to not hear a speech were nice highlights too.

A contest winner had his face put on a bad guy and as Deadpool you had the honor of shooting him down. 

I knew something was wrong early on when the marketing seemed limited to trailers online. No commercial for my crazy black and red friend?