Saturday, January 11, 2014

Evangelion 3.0 Premiere Pasadena

Do you know who was first in line for the sold out premiere show of Evangelion 3.0?


The line was chocked full of women, couples and at least two cosplayers Friday night January 11th in Pasadena. The city was packed with people eating up at restaurants and coffee shops all along Colorado Blvd. Some of them when passing by the theater started noticing a line. I kept hearing, "What is this for? , " asked to the people in the line for Evangelion 3.0.

Evangelion 3.0, the latest film in the hugely popular Japanese anime Evangelion series features young protagonist robot pilots in a dystopian future ruined by the very power they wield. Its main protagonist and sometimes super annoying forever in puberty, Shinji Ikari wakes up to a world he doesn't remember, missing time and not understanding why his former friends and allies are treating him like a monster. With possibly some of the greatest animation at this current time, outlandish fights with so much blood it literally rains it, this film has been waited on by American fans for quite a while, I mean years. Finally dubbed for American audiences, fans couldn't have been more excited to see it that night along the rest of LA's anime community.

 I walked the line and met some of the fans that evening. Eleven Arts, the US theatrical distributor was nice enough to give me some posters to hand out to some lucky fans that may have noticed my cameraman's eyepatch. In the film, Asuka Langley, a fiery female Eva pilot (the robots they pilot are  called Evas), has an eyepatch.

I'll have a full review later on at the site. Let's just say some moments left my mouth wide open.

After the showing, fans gathered to discuss the film. I met up with a group. "It was amazing," said Jake Thomas. "I'm not only confused, but aroused and hope 4.0 drives it home, " Marcus M. jokingly told me.

The group was happy that they could see it with other fans. "I was glad I held out to see it in theaters, with crowds and cheers, " Josh M. said. "I had to see it in theaters and dubbed, " said Jirair Y. They kept talking into the late night while I left. The people of LA want to see their anime on the big screen.

Evangelion 3.0 was well worth the wait and you shouldn't pass on the chance to see it in theaters. Here's it's remaining dates and times.

Pasadena Play House 7
Jan 10-16

Downtown Independent
Jan 13-23