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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dungeon Dungeon Visit: Is Not A Dungeon

Dungeon Dungeon
Inside The Last Book Store
453 S Spring St

For those confused to where Secret Headquarter's new mini-comic shop is look no further than the first floor of The Last Book Store, though it would have made more sense to be in the basement or on the second floor which looks like a dungeon.

Dungeon Dungeon is it's own section of The Last Book Store in downtown LA. It's not a mere collection of used graphic novels. It has all the current titles out in collected form. No comic here, just the collected graphic novels and indie books.

It does look different from the rest of The Last Book Store, like your stepping into an magic store or some shop from the past. It was maintained better than the rest of the store and does have a system with all the current publishers in the correct section.They have manga and even the absolute huge collection to look at.

When I visited over the weekend I saw no employee in the section, but noticed a speech platform with "HELP" written on it in bold blue letters.

There is a used section where some random books are on sale for cheap, the rest of the selection prices are regularly priced.

If you wanted a place to pick up graphic books downtown you finally have a place instead of having to order online or drive all the way out to Burbank or another corner of the city.