Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3D Printer World Expo 2014

Technology that will one day let us print our furniture is still at it's start. Why not get the hang of it and make the living room set you've always wanted. You can make much more than that with 3D printers. 3D Printer World Expo 2014 is making it's way here very soon

3D Printer World Expo 2014
Jan 31-Feb 1
Marriott Burbank Airport
Hotel and Convention Center

For just a few more days until the 24th of January it's $25 for floor and will be raised to $35 after. LA Makerspace has a limited deal going on. See tickets for other plans and prices.

The expo will feature a huge selection of 3D printers from novice to professional level with classes and seminars. There will be give-aways and contests, interactive exhibits, a dinosaur exhibit, medical exhibit and art exhibit.

This is a growing field that over the next few years might be part of all major to small businesses. Why order a new part when you can print it? New art, fashion to a button missing from your shirt can be made.