Thursday, January 16, 2014

Edwardian Ball Feb 8

Like the snug fit of a mother's fingers around her child's neck the darkly humorous Edwardian Ball wraps itself back around Hollywood. The theme this year, The Curious Sofa. Oh, it's entirely what you think the joke is about. The Curious Sofa comes as an erotic tale by Edward Gorey featuring lose moral and many lovers and a couch that does something off-panel. I wonder how the lood of the ball might change for the night.

You may watch as live bands perform, dance, buy special wares or relax in a corner somewhere. I like the special acts that perform.

If you're into Steam Punk this is the ball for you. Some of the most amazing costumes walk through the night. It's LA and those going have the talent to pull of some amazing sights.

The Fonda Theater makes a multilevel entry way of exciting areas to interact with other patrons of Gorey.

The Edwardian Ball 
Feb 8 8PM-2AM
The Fonda Theatre
6126 Hollywood Blvd
General Admission $45
VIP Balcony & Booth Packages $75-$575