Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Downtown Game Stores Not Really Paradise

There's some game stores I've always wanted to go into around downtown, but never managed to be around when open. That was until about a week ago.

I warn the common visitor or suburban local that the area is kind of dirty and with some unfriendly homeless like a lot of downtown. If that stops you from wanting to see these places for yourself check out the Game Store section of the site.

World Tech USA
5th And LA Wholesale Plaza in Los Angeles CA
500 S. Los Angeles St # 204
Los Angeles, 90013
(213) 623-8049

World Tech USA isn't bigger on the inside. The space isn't fully used and kind of gets eaten up towards the back. There's a large selection of old games stretching back to the SNES. I didn't see anything older. PS4 and Xbox One didn't appear to be in play. Still for those with older systems you can't ignore taking a look and being able to grab a title you may have missed.

Game Plus
505 S Los Angeles St
Los Angeles, CA 90013 
(213) 622-0522

Game Plus isn't sure if it's a video game store or not. It's partially one of the many electronic stores you can find around downtown just with a large video game selection. No current systems and as far back as SNES too. They have some fun off brand Mario toys and some other weird items to look at.

 Popped into a random store on the street and was greeted with cheap video game plush. Boxes and boxes of Tails, Marios and Links.