Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adventure Time Time: McDonald's Toy Commercial Sucks

A friend recently saw the commercial and said, "It's like they gave a foreigner the job of making this who has never seen Adventure Time."

I'd have to agree with how bizarre the commercial is about getting the point across that Adventure Time toys are at McDonald's. First off the farm segment has absolutely nothing to do with Adventure Time, McD's just seems to like the animation style. When we finally get to the toys we encounter a Mom and two boys dancing around a table. Why? Whoever put this together took footage from the episode of "The Jiggler" and put Finn and Jake on a table. Could there have been a little creativity?
A boy dressed as Finn playing with the toys, his Dad the Ice King.

The toy designs also raise some dander. I've already written about it when I broke the news of the toys being out.Where's Princess Bubblegum and Marceline? Girls like the show too. Boys like Marceline and PB.

Girls don't even get Finn and Jake they get a Paul Frank toy. Many sites have been picking up on this and the sexist way McDonald's decided this role out.

I don't think McDonald's gave it much thought at all. Just look at that commercial. McDonald's was not trying to be sexist on purpose, it's lazy. It was too lazy to talk to anyone or get info from Cartoon Network on how the show appeals to both boys and girls and made Paul Frank toys for girls.

Next time put out PB and Marceline, McDonald's. Ain't loving it.