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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Justice League: War West Coast Premiere Jan 30

Justice League: War
Thursday, January 30, 2014
7:00 pm PT
Paley Center
Member Only Tickets available

So here's the film that was made along-side JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time at Warner Bros Animation. It features the origin of the current Justice League. Its new members fight each other before coming together for the greater good and kick a major bad guy's but by the name of Darkseid.

 In Person
Christopher Gorham, "Flash"
Jason O’Mara, “Batman”
Shemar Moore, “Cyborg”
Bruce Thomas, “Desaad”
James Tucker, Producer
Heath Corson, Screenwriter
Andrea Romano, Dialogue/Casting Director
Jay Oliva, Director
Phil Bourassa, Character Design

* Extra reading
Going over what I've written early, it should be a lot better than the recently released JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time. The the A Team of Warner Bros Animation, the "best people" were put on War and the B Team, created to fail, had to make Trapped In Time.

 I wonder how convoluted the politics are over at Warner Bros Home Animation that they would intentionally sabotage one film for another. Why? So some people look good and some people look bad.  More of the vets are on the A team.

These both cost millions to make, but it seems like politics or some behind the scenes fiasco created a release of both costly to make films around the same time.

This is just conjecture, but someone screwed up big if Trapped In Time had a stealth release a mere two weeks before another major film comes out. They'll eat each others profits.