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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hercules 3D and The Nut Job, Really?

Two movies born to fail are coming out this January, Hercules 3D and The Nut Job. Strangely enough, another Hercules movies is set to come out this Summer directed by Brett Ratner. Last year is was the White House being attacked, now it's the year of bad Hercules films.

I'm a fan of animation, but haven been posting as much. You already have my feelings of Space Dandy, I haven't heard the news good or bad ratings yet, but it sure didn't win me over on a story. For shame Bones Animation.

Anyway, the reason why The Nut Job looks so bad is it's not even from DreamWorks. I consider DreamWorks to do the worst job of the major players. This films comes from South Korea and Canada. Though, South Korea should well be on it's way developing it's own beautiful cartoons after doing all the animation work for us, it simply hasn't been able too.  Perhaps it writing or connecting to an American audience , design or simply getting funding.

The Nut Job looks ugly, like a cheap knock off version of other CGI films like Over the Hedge. The film seems like a much worse version of Over the Hedge now that I think about.