Thursday, January 9, 2014

Animation For Adults @ American Cinematheque Jan 9-25

Starting today Jan 9th - Jan 25 you can see what the American Cinematheque is claiming animation for adults, though teenagers will really get a weird kick out of it and I'm seeing too much anime. In fact I posted on the anime portion and left out the bits coming from the 70's. Fantastic Planet always holds close to my heart however, for just being so damn weird and s sci-fi tale with humanity as pets to giant blue aliens. We are the Pokemon! Created by the French no less. Most of the other films could be debated are worth viewing. Waking Life, part of Fantastic Planet's double feature, was more or less hated by critics and just a test in animation, not really a film worth viewing.

The anime choices are nothing new, they've been shown at the American Cinematheque before. I'd rather they had a special screening of EVA 3.O like they did for Madoka. Why not show Redline?

Animation For Adults
Jan 9-25
Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028