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Friday, January 10, 2014

Evangelion 3.0 Poster Contest: You Can (Get) A Free Poster

Dig the eyepatch!
Update: Contest Over

Yo, readers! Anyone going to the Evangelion 3.0 premiere tonight in Pasadena? First few people to see a dude wearing an eyepatch like Asuka will be sporting in the new film and shouts out, "Things To Do In LA Rules!" to him wins. I got a cute mini poster of Asuka bought at Anime Jungle to give. Eleven Arts, the company behind the film being in theaters, was kind enough to donate some real EVA 3.0 posters. My cameraman will be wearing an eyepatch until all the EVA 3.0 posters are gone, so as long as he has it on and you scream the secret words, "Things To Do In LA Rules!", you could win one. Sounds sweet enought, just remember what site treats you right. I hope to see some cosplay!