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Friday, January 10, 2014

Archie Comics and SEGA Stupidity

I remember going to the Archie Comics books at Comic-Con last year. It was an utterly boring booth among so many attention hungry comic publishers. No big shiny Sonic head, no giant Archie. Just deals on packs of comics.

Archie Comics has had some huge problems.

It's female CEO might allegedly be insane and sexist, referring to male employees as penis and looking for a loaded gun.

The embattled co-CEO's filing also mocked the five employees’ claim that she’d used her “gender as a weapon” by yelling “Penis! Penis! Penis!” during a business meeting.

What might have had her going of the deep end is the very strange and lengthy battle over Sonic the Hedgehog characters in Archie comics.

You can over the extremely long details here

Sonic the Hedgehog, Ken Penders, Bioware, Electronic Arts, Archie Comics, Creator Rights, etc. - A review

After some major screw-ups on Archie's part, including losing contracts, a work-for-hire writer owns certain Sonic characters he created in the comic. This has made the current writing team restart the universe, so none of his characters are used again.

SEGA "helped" by making Archie fix it on it's own. I swear Japanese companies related to video games and anime have no understanding of the American market, law or trends. They treat whatever company they've made a deal with or created here like garbage. Bandai America is a good example as it's dead from terrible control from Japan.

I would have loved to scenes someone edit the court battles over different timelines, Enchinidas and evil versions of Sonic and Robot-nik (Eggman) to somehow end up in YouTube, I'm sure no one recorded such proceedings.