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Friday, January 4, 2013

Glamorous Beijing: World City at Universal Studios Opening

 A festive fanfare was held for the opening of Glamorous Beijing: World City festival inside the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios Hollywood this Friday. This free event is still taking place this weekend for those wanting to discover more about Bejing and traveling there. Just follow the signs around Universal or if you're stopping by Citywalk give it a try.

Before the festivities started a ceremony near the iconic globe fountain took place. Dragons and lions danced before LA's tourism board which was given the present of 500 tickets from Bejing tourism. I wonder who gets to use them. Many presents were exchanged throughout the ceremony. Marylin Monroe or a doppelganger was part of the fanfare for the proceedings. She not only helped cut the sting to The Globe , but was present for some gift exchanges. This festival wasn't only for the launch of a new show on ICN called Glamorous Beijing, but to promote tourism between LA and Beijing. It seems like a nice start.

Later, inside the Globe theatre guests were treated to martial artists showing of their techniques. One martial artist had the ability to break metal over their forehead which astonished the audience. Guests of the opening were allowed on a special Mandarin language studio tour where having Jaws trying to eat you is Universal.

 more photos below