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Sunday, January 27, 2013

LA Rainy Day Quick Reviews: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, QI ...

Another rainy day in LA and a sick cameraman mean going threw of que of unwatched films, TV shows and comics.
Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol  Action Movies Are Now Cartoons I found myself laughing throughout this whole film and it's most action oriented moments. A sandstorm just happens to arrive at the most inoperative time for Tom Cruise. The worst part might have been the opening theme with spoilers of the entire film and the cheap way it copied a James Bond opening. It goes into the realm of forgetful and a 90's cartoon based on a movie. Hawkeye's in it too.

This British quiz show with host Stephen Fry is damn funny and entertaining with 4 seated British comedians surrounding him answering questions, but not really caring if anyone wins. QI or Quite Interesting loves being cheeky, silly and is rather good at putting down whoever shows up. Sadly, BBC America isn't showing it, but Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can find it only through YouTube and maybe some other means online, but there's no real way too see it here in the states on TV.

Once Upon a Time Machine

This was an awful graphic novel anthology. For one the title doesn't really make sense as all stories takes place in the future and don't even involve time travel. When this first came out I thought the stories would be set throughout time, not just the future and have some time travel element. Nope, it's a book that takes fairy tales and old mythology and tries to set them in the future with robots. There's no overall story linking them all so it's a random collection of tales. Every story is  by a different artist and many didn't seem to be fleshed out. The other annoyance is you have some simple one page drawings from some well known artists, just one page, no story to go with them. This is one of the worst anthology books to come out in a while. I can't even recommend any of the stories as none stood out as memorable.