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Monday, January 21, 2013

DmC Devil May Cry Review I Just Basically Killed Bill O'Reilly

 Devil May Cry

I'm just gonna skipped to the best part, I shot Bill O'Reilly dead. Not him exactly for all sorts of legal reason, but the silliest bit might be FOX News likes the game. Yes, who knew FOX News even reviewed video games. The review is through the Associated Press on their web-site and has no actual writer named, which is a bit odd, but still it's from Fox. The version of Bill O'Reily in no legal way that can be found it court is called Bob Barbas and he's actually any evil demon posing as a newscaster, doing G-d's work. Funny enough, the Fox News review considers him more resembling Rush Limbaugh, yet doesn't notice the corporate look of the media conglomerate he controls, silly.  In the short time I parkoured my ass through Bob Barbas' info graphics and logos I knew Devil May Cry and I were in love or at least in a worthwhile relationship, because even though Dante sleeps around he's in love with one girl towards the end blah blah blah let's getting into killing Bob.

Bob, Bobby, Robert even, I don't like what your doing lying to the people and watching my every move all the time with your demon cameras. So I think it's time you were cancelled! Fighting a giant head reminded me of some old school titles and also was sheer pleasure while using giant meaty red fists to bash in Bobbo's face. After dodging different attack patterns and shutting down his power you jump right into Bob's head where you fight demons via a telecast while Bobert comments on how you're a terrorist and scum of the earth. As you fall back into Bob beating reality out of his head it feels so sweet to punch his digitally pixelated monster warped face.

The boss fight with Bob is a little way's off in the real story. In this re-envisioning of Devil May Cry, which I do support, but hated the idea when first introduced years a go and I thought the original Dante was drugged and forgot who he was or was dead and was summoned through a new punk character... wait back to the point. So Dante is a punk and no longer getting beat up by women he just meets to a point where he should be dead. You get a nice linear story this time, your not just trapped in a castle or in a prequel. At a point your are in mansion like castle, but it's all to explain your origin and works. As the new team that gives us the game is British and not Japanese there is a much nicer story that makes sense. Most Japanese games in logic, don't! I just wanted to write "don't" there as I can't yell at you that they don't have any logic or any logic you or I might consider making any sense in most Japanese games. So new DmC Devil May Cry or just I guess Devil May Cry 2013, good job on story, you did not f that up. You said the f-word and cussed quite a bit for fun and to get teenagers. Damn you, DMC you actually have Dante say something smart about someone who helped him during the game. Oh, lots of people died anyway, but they weren't main characters. You're writing is good!

Dante's half demon an half angel so you get two sets of attacks and weapons for both sides of yourself to take down ugly ink stained demons and plays on words from the bible and mythology. Oh, where to start on the combos you can do. Aribiter, a heavy axe pounds the ground sending my enemy into the air, but I'm already there with my Osiris, a scythe of sorts to whirlwind cut it to shreds. I send it down with my big meaty Eryk hands and finish you with my Aquila throwing blades. Note*When you upgrade the Aquila's and can spin around shredding enemies like an evil robot driedel monster in Hanukkah horror movie try singing the Mary Tyler Moore theme. When I played Godzilla Destroy All Monsters one of the monsters could spin around and singing, " I'm going to make it after all" with all the destruction and carnage around you just makes it better.

The range of different attacks to learn and master are impressive with so many weapons. Don't worry Ebony and Ivory are in the game to shoot wings off of creatures and monsters in the face.
It be hard to complain about being repetitive, you can just beat monsters down with massive hands, shotgun them in the face with Revenant or explode them with Kablooey. In my play through I did not upgrade every move, but I did try many different types. What's  nice is you can switch what upgrades you buy so you can try really any moves in your first play through and there are many to master, but a novice can easily get some destruction on.

Devil Trigger mode seems to be Capcom's current signature move style like with the newest Street Fighter where everything looks like it's freshly drawn and made of ink. Dante looks more like original Dante with a red jacket and it gets all misty. Your enemies float around and are easy targets. I didn't care that much for it. I'd rather that Dante just gets powered up.

( In Italian stereotype accent) I don't like the jumping so much, ehh what's a mater with you.

It's not all beating monsters to death and slashing away their hides. You've got to swing and fly jump sometimes and those can get annoying. I found myself losing health often, by not angel floating far enough. There is some fast action grappling that I'm fine failing at, but I shouldn't be falling off of stuff because of bad button placement. Angel jump gets in the way sometimes when I'm so pumped with the action, it can be a mood killer.

Art direction in the game is up to current specs. When in limbo, where you'll be mostly playing, it feels downright creepy. I've seen the style before in previous games and Bayonetta and seeing the world from a demonic nightmare perspective is always a nice touch. Two stand out levels might have been The Club that Lilith has which transforms into a meta look at video games and talent shows from TV and the Furnace of Souls level which has fire burning all around you, making platform jumps a bit more well timed.

The writing is literally on the wall as the game itself tells you to constantly to die or that you suck. A sort of demonic force changes levels around you and outright hates your guts. It's fun little gimmick that works.

Demonic enemies in the game don't fit into the games reality. They look like ink drawings come to life and really make you feel uneasy. There were enough variances on them to keep me interested, but as always I like more types. Boss battles were fun and I knew I was going to have to fight something giant by the end. I'll miss fighting you giant statute from Devil May Cry 4.

Devil May Cry with a new Dante and linear cohesive story works past what I thought would be a pompous punk rocker. If you like dismembering enemies in an number of ways and a not to subtle attack on pop culture then Devil May Cry is the game for you. A fresh start for Capcom in 2012.

Later this year a DLC pack that does seem worth getting starring Dante's brother with his own moves and attack will be available. I'll have a reminder when Vergil's Downfall is about to hit, but for now check out the trailer.

The video game was provided by the publisher for review and was a PS3 disc copy.