Friday, January 25, 2013

LA Noir or LA Noire Frank Darabont Sucks Anyway

Take-Two says it didn't really like that Frank Darabont's new show LA Noir was spelled similar to their game LA Noire. Darabont says they threatened to sue, but  Take-Two just says they weren't happy about it. Now the show will be called Lost Angels. That's uh, that's a terrible name. It sounds like a fake show kind of.

Great a new crime drama set in LA... yawn.. that premise wasn't just a bad recent movie or is going on now with the modern Southland.
via Joystiq

So Mr. Darabont might have said Take-Two was suing for hype for his new show. It kind of builds hype that he's a liar and thinks he can get away stealing other people's work. Frank Darabont was also recently announced to be working on the new Godzilla, making me lose some hope of it being a good movie.